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Our recipe for Daily Releases. It was upon a time a team that…

I have written a set of articles telling the story of a team that successfully refined its releasing process and practices, up to the point where releasing several times on the same day is a common, un-shocking view.

Here comes all the articles. The order of writing is intentional: you’ll find in the articles links to the previous ones.

Happy reading!

Wrap-up — Our recipe for daily releases

If I were to sum up all these articles as some kind of big recipe, I would list the following ingredients. I have linked the articles in case you’d want to dive more specifically into some items:

  • We used a lot of visual management
  • … To ensure the process is followed
  • … To sync several teams together
  • … To speed-up the rate of release, treating push to production as more important than new developments
  • The visual management artefacts integrated nicely with the existing meetings: daily stand-up, sprint planning, sprint review
  • We moved away from GitFlow to another branching model that improved our flexibility
  • We put a particular emphasis on communication and synchronization with dependencies outside the team
  • We also made sure to mitigate any known risks in the process as we wouldn’t be able to fix them immediately, like staging environment issues or making sure we can rollback in case anything goes wrong
  • We stopped making full regression testing to favor targeted, risk-based regression testing
  • … Keeping all the risk analysis data at hand to help having a proper communication with the rest of the world

That’s it! 💥

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