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Introducing the Team Booster role

Introducing the Team Booster role

Have you been there too?

Hello there, what’s your role in this company?

I’d like to say that I am a Team Booster. I am helping teams moving faster, better, I am boosting them. Much like the rocket booster, I am a faithful companion, I help the rocket (the team) reach its goal, but I am not the rocket myself, I won’t do the journey.

Sometimes it is not just about helping good teams become great. Sometimes it is simply helping them reach new heights. Let’s keep talking about the rocket analogy: without the boosters, the rocket would not be able to get in orbit. TK mouais louche, lourd, tout 

So, are you just using a fancy name to describe yourself as a Scrum Master?

Good Scrum Masters need to be in charge of one and only one team. I am typically asked to handle a handful of team. I cannot focus as much on the daily stuff as a Scrum Master does. The Scrum Master shares the intricate (business) goal of the team (you know, he’s a pig and not a chicken), while my own goal is to have teams become truly autonomous, self-organized and self-improving.

OK, you’re an Agile Coach then?

Well, good try, but not really either. I do not have any specific mandate at the organizational level. Contrary to the Agile Coach, my focus is on one or several teams and not so much about the whole organization. I do my best to smooth things out with the organization but that’s definitely not my main focus.

An Agile Manager then ?


As a Team Booster:

  • I believe in autonomous, self-organizing, self-improving teams
  • I refrain from implementing and improving processes by myself
  • I let teams learn by themselves through the various frameworks I suggest them to try
  • I thoroughly teach