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In retrospect (it’s been a while since when I wrote the post) I’m not so sure anymore that it was the Agile Coach role that I disliked, but rather the specific context I was in. On the spot I blamed the role because I was not comfortable with the situation but it had probably more to do with the context as a whole than specifically with the role.

By the way, I tried to think again about it in a later post:

In short, Scrum Master and Agile Coach are the same role, excepted that the marketplace expects different things from the two roles.

From there, I’m confidently saying that I’d clearly stay with the marketplace expectations for the Scrum Master role — and I’m not the only one, I know many great Scrum Masters who are actually awesome Agile Coaches but who dislike how the whole market went mad about Agile Coaches, getting Agile Coaches to do everything in the company but coaching, while at the same time Scrum Masters have a more defined role.