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Announcing my blog

Let’s talk about Agile, about quality… In simple words, on the ground.

Hey there! Welcome to my blog!

One year ago, I started writing articles on Medium.

A few months ago, I ventured on YouTube and started Scrum Life, short videos delivering advices about Agile with humor.

What was the logical next step? Reserving a domain name!

And here we are: I am announcing the opening of, Jean-Pierre Lambert’s blog.

Topics addressed

In this blog I share my professional adventures and thoughts.

As a Scrum Master and Agile Coach, I will obviously talk about Agile, Scrum, visual management, processes… With a specific focus on facilitation, retrospectives and experience sharing.

As a Test Facilitator, I will also talk about quality, tests, test automation, testing strategy, specification by example.

Finally as a former Developer, I will try to explain in layman’s words elements of technical culture useful to everybody like version control, Software Craftsmanship

Scrum Life

This is the perfect occasion to officially announce Scrum Life!

This Giphy has been made from Scrum Life #1 — by my fans!

In Scrum Life, I share life-like stories of Agile teams, each episode focusing on a very specific theme. I do my best to provide each time something short, entertaining and full of takeaway advices!

If you’re ready to give a try to my French, just go ahead and check out Scrum Life!

Scrum Life

Bienvenue sur LA série qui raconte avec humour et toujours dans le concret tout ce qui touche à Scrum et à l’Agilité…

And most of all, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Favorite saying: “BOOM”

By the way who is that Jean-Pierre Lambert guy you keep babbling about?

I used to be a developer with a stronger interest in quality and business value than in tools and technical design. I even went as far as to picture software engineers as Dr. Frankenstein, patching up numerous pieces of code to get something working with whatever tool that does the job best. Yes, getting an ugly monster, but an alive one, is sadly part of the metaphor I was using.

Hopefully I am now helping teams as a Test Facilitator, Scrum Master and Agile Coach instead. It’s no bad thing!

I hope you’ll come back very soon to check out my next adventures!

🗣️ Contact & Social Networks 💬

✉️ E-mail:

🐦 Twitter: @jpierrelambert

👔 LinkedIn: jp-lambert

📖 Facebook: jplfanclub

📷 Instagram: @jpierrelambert

📹 YouTube: JPLambert

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